The first trip in Bangkok (part 2)


On the second day, we had an amazing trip exploring the legendary Chao Paraya River by boat. We got up early, had a light breakfast then bought the daily ticket with the price of 150 baht. With these tickets, we could travel freely all the piers from 9 am to 10 pm. The boats run every thirty minutes ( In the boat ticket, there is a small book introducing landscapes at the stop point and the boat schedule information). We came early, so we had to wait until 8 am to buy the ticket. Luckily, we found a street food vendor while we were waiting.

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The boat on Chao Phraya River

Around 9 am, the first boat departed. We deicided to go the Grand Palace first. The boat was quite big and there was also tour guide who speaks both English and Thai. They told the name of the destinations at each stop in case the tourists want to visit there. The tour guide didn’t spoke English well but we didn’t care much,just admired the landscapes along the river bank.

Explore the Grand Palace

The ticket price for visiting the Grand Palace is 300 baht. Before visiting the main area, you can drop by the small museum near the entrance to save time. The items displayed in the museum are related to the Royal such as the Kings’ photos, medals, crowns and personal belongings.

Wat Arun temple (via

After visiting the museum, we came to the temple area. To go inside, you have to go through the ticket gate and they will give you an travel direction sheet. If you just see the Grand Palace through pitures, you can image the real beauty of this place. The statues and drawings are made in a very meticulous way, especially the paintings on the wall. All is truly an architectural masterpiece of Thai tradition worth to admire. The only disadvantage is that there are more and more tourists coming there in the hot weather but the ticket price is not cheap.After visiting the temples, we moved to the Royal area. This place is as beautiful as the temples. Then we got to another museum – the final destination in the Grand Palace.

The highlight of this museum is Thai traditional customes made meticulously which the King and Queen wear at important events of the country. Honestly, when looking at the whole, I myself do not like the costumes, it looks somewhat stiff and a bit rough, but when looking at every detail on the costume, I have to say it is very beautiful, magnificent and meticulous. Moreover, when those costumes were worn by Thai kings and queens in the photos and videos that were shown, they looked strikingly elegant.

Pad Thai – A must-try dish in Thai

Near the Grand Palace, there is a small market where you can find a lot of eateries that sell Pad Thai. Pad Thai is almost like a sweet and sour noodle soup and made in Thai style. This dish is sold in many places in BangKok, so it is easy to enjoy. By the time, there have been a lot of types of Pad Thai created. This dish is easy to eat but it’s more familiar to those who libe in the South and Central Vietnam because it does not have the soup. The price of this dish is 50 baht.

Pad Thai (via

Wat Arun Temple

To get this temple from the Grand Palace, you have to take a boat for the price of 3 baht. The entrance fee to the Wat Arun is 100 baht. The temple itself is not very high, but the path from the foot to the top is almost  vertical. When you reach the top, you can easily see the part of Bangkok near Chao Phraya River. It’s also an ideal place to take photos.

This temple not only has a beautiful name but also owns amazing architecture. If you come to this temple in the sunrise, you will see a stunning picture.

Leaving the Wat Arun, we took another boat and went some places before coming back the hotel.

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