The first trip in Bangkok (part 1)


Bangkok, Thailand is an ideal place to visit in the Southeast Asia. We had an unforgettable trip in Bangkok that we have never experienced before.

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Eat lunch at Don Muong Airport

After the two-hour flight, we arrived Bangkok at 12 am. At first, we decided to have lunch because we all were hungry. After 10 minutes, we got the Food Court at the airport that I searched before going. There was not too much food there, but it was tasty and reasonable. Moreover, it was so convenient because of its location. We also tried some smoothies and drinks.

Getting to Bangkok center

Travelling in Bangkok is quite easy. Besides some familiar transports such as taxi and bus, there are also Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) and Bangkok Skytrain (BTS). In Bangkok, there are two airports: Don Muong Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened recently. There is a wide range of means of transportation departing from there, so it’s very convenient.

Dom Muong Aiport is smaller than Suvarnabhumi Airport and the means of transportation here is fewer than ones in Suvarnabhumi Airport. The most 2 popular vehicles traveling from there to Bangkok are bus and taxi. Travelling by bus is much cheaper than traveling by taxi. To know more about the bus routes, you can ask the information at the airport’s tourism information center and get a map.

BTS in Bangkok (via

Stay in Bangkok

Thanks to the internet, finding and booking accommodation is very easy. To save money, you can consider some types of accommodation such as guesthouse and hostel. You don’t need to book the accommodation near the center, provided that it’s near public stations and convenient for traveling around, especially BTS. You can consult some reputable websites such as and

It’s the first time we’ve traveled abroad, so we asked our acquaintance living in Thailand to book the room. Although the price was expensive a little bit, it was near the center and easy to travel around. The room was not too big, but it was clean and fully equipped.

After taking a rest, we decided to explore Bangkok by BTS. Despite being helped enthusiastically by the driver, we didn’t come to where we want to go. It was the first time traveling by BTS, so we were a little bit embarrassed. However, we knew more about how to travel around Bangkok and found it is quite easy. At each stop station, there are free BTS maps, even there is some discount for some entertainment like Siam Paragon Aquarium.

We also tried some street food. They were very delicious. Bangkok made a deep impression on us because of its friendly and easy-going people.

The first night in Bangkok

Chao Phraya River (via
There is a variety of things to do at night in Bangkok. You can go to the sex show, visit the very popular place for backpackers – Khao San street, sit on cruise in Chao Phraya River, admire the Bangkok panorama from roofbars and shop in the night markets or some famous complex shopping malls such as Siam Center, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, MBK and BigC near the Siam Square.
The expensive items are held a big sale from 30 percent, 50 percent, 70 percent and even 80 percent in the end of June and around November and December. You need to have a list of what to buy because you will be overwhelmed when getting there.

Having dinner at shopping mall.

Besides the stunning street food, the food in the shopping mall was also very delicious and the price was reasonable. Some places for cheap food are the Food Republic at Siam Center and Food Park at BigC. You will buy some tickets and pay for the food by those tickets.

On the way get back the hotel, we called on the Seven Eleven grocery to buy ice-cream and drinks. It’s the favorite grocery of Vietnamese tourists traveling there because of its cheap price. The drinks in Thailand including milk and fruit juice are much cheaper than ones in Vietnam.

It was our first day in Bangkok. We came back the hotel and prepared for the next day exploring this city.

(to be continued)

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