Fascinating things in Koh Samui that you should not miss


Koh Samui is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. With the beautiful unspoiled natural scenery, it’s an ideal place to spend your holiday. There is no shortage of joy and delight when traveling there. These are the top activities here.

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Spend time on Chaweng beach

The first thing to do in Koh Samui is to come to the beach when the weather is nice. You may be a little confused in choosing a destination in Samui, but the easiest and most popular choice is Chaweng Beach. It has everything you want in a tropical paradise: from crystal-clear seas,  beautiful golden sands to palm trees fringing in winds.

Moreover, Chaweng provides all the facilities and amenities you would expect. You could be overwhelmed with a variety of underwater sports equipment available on the beach as well as restaurants and snack bars.

Visit Ang Thong Marine National Park

If you have time, you should explore the amazing scenery at Ang Thong Marine National Park – a population of 42 beautiful islets in the Gulf of Thailand. You will have the chance to admire limestone cliffs, emerald lagoons, pristine beaches, coral reefs, rock arches and much more of this wonderful nature reserve. It will not disappoint you.

Ang Thong Marine National Park (via theluxurysignature) 

Visit the Big Buddha temple

After relaxing on the beaches, you should visit the big Buddha temple – one of the symbols of Koh Samui. The temple names Wat Phra Yai where the 12-meter gold Buddha statue is carved in the Mara posture. In Buddhism, this represents the moment in which the Buddha resisted the temptation of the devil through the meditative posture to go further in the path of enlightenment.

Today, the statue is a symbol of the Buddha’s calm and purity. And the large Buddhist temple is a sacred place to worship as well as a tourist attraction in Koh Samui.

Take photo at Hin Ta and Hin Yai

Don’t miss to take a photo at one of the most popular destinations in Koh Samui – Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks. There is a legend about the origin of these rocks: Hin Ta and Hin Yai are thought to be the embodiment of an elderly couple going out to sea to attend their son’s wedding but unfortunately they died in this place. However, they washed to the shore and turned to stone to express their hearts to their children.

Experience Muay Thai

Maybe this is the time to try out one of the world’s deadliest fighting games. Muay Thai – traditional art has existed for many centuries. During this vacation, you can go to Muay Thai training station in Samui to take part in short training courses from masters. Those wishing to immerse themselves in this art can book a package including personal trainers, use of the gym, and accommodation at the practice.

Overcome the waterfall

The beautiful beaches are not the only natural landscapes in Samui. This small island also has many spectacular waterfalls and rock pools – where you can take a bath or picnic. Namuang and Hin Lad waterfalls are two great examples of exploring combined waterfalls, trekking and cascading waterfalls to experience nature in a holistic way.

Tiger Park (via gobeyondasia)

Visit Tiger Park

Experience the excitement at the Aquarium and the famous Tiger Park in Samui by getting close to and touching one of the terrifying predators in the wild such as Asian Bengal tigers, leopards, lions and some other species. In addition to watching the animals in close proximity, you can also enjoy the performances of wildlife and interact with the tigers.

Swing through the jungle of Koh Samui

Have you ever wanted to cross the pristine forest like monkeys? Samui Canopy Adventure’s exploration service will make your dream come true. You will swing the rope through the trees of the dense forest on the island and watch the beautiful coastline. At the end of the journey, a pleasant surprise awaits – a visit to the Mysterious Waterfall and a dip in the natural rock pool.

Watch the sunrise at Lipa Noi

After a long day of the journey, your holiday is settled by admiring the serene sunsets from the fine sandy beaches of Lipa Noi Beach. Situated on the western side of the island, Lipa Noi has a great advantage that will be ideal for watching the sunset.
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