Experience Chiang Mai in an interesting way (Part 3)


One of the most popular destinations that you should not miss when traveling to Thailand is Chiang Mai. This beautiful land always offers numerous fascinating things to do for tourists which can bring them memorable trip.

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Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

Coming to Thailand, you cannot miss a wonderful place – Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium. This place is the pride of Thai people and attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Coming here, you can explore the wildlife of marine creatures and see the rare sea species of the world. The colourful aquarium will become more magical with hundreds of meters of tunnels throughout the giant Asian record that will take you deeper into the mysterious ocean world.

What you can expect

Explore the sea creature life

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium is one of the top destinations in Chiang Mai besides temples and natural sceneries. Coming to this vast aquarium, besides thousands of species of fish and marine life, you also admire the unique art of architecture and installation. With all these strange shapes, these glass tanks are like transparent glass to help you get closer to the unique fish species.

Admire the glass tunnel at the aquarium

Along with the architecture, the scale of the tunnel glass at Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium is also one of the attractions. Stepping into the tunnel, you become part of a splendid ocean world filled with creatures of all colours. Certainly, in the fanciful space, you will definitely have the “shimmering” pictures and beautiful memories in the northern city of Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium (via chiangmaivoyage)

Explore Chiang Mai by Segway

Segway – a two-wheeler motorized vehicle, operating on the self-balancing mechanism will make your trip more enjoyable with 2 hours traveling through the streets in Chiang Mai. Visiting the city and experiencing a new means of transportation will certainly bring you the moments of extreme fun and excitement.

You will start with 15-minute training to get familiar with Segway. Then you have 2 hours to travel by Segway around famous tourist attractions in Chiang Mai such as Thapae Gate, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Pan Tao, Wat Phra Singh, 3 Kings Monument and Wat Chiang Man. The feeling of exploring new things will make your trip more memorable.

Explore Chiang Mai by hot air balloon

Chiang Mai – The Rose of North Thailand is a city with a great culture, from the beautiful Doi Suthep mountain temple, ethnic minority villages Songkran splash water festival at the beginning of the year to the busy markets. They all make Thailand’s fifth largest city special. It will be more special if those great things come to you from a special perspective – the aerial view. Chiang Mai’s hot air balloon adventure will take you to the vast sky and enjoy a new feel from above.

Hot-air balloons in Chiang Mai (via stayinchiangmaitour)

There is nothing better than looking at the natural scenery on colourful balloons in the early morning. Chiang Mai is so far away and spread out before your eyes are: the green of the fields, the darker green of the trees, the dark blue of the lake and clear blue sky. This hot air balloon trip will definitely bring you a “treasure” of flying knowledge. Learning more useful information while floating in the air will definitely bring you a special feeling and unforgettable memories in Chiang Mai.

Hug Elephants Sanctuary Chiang Mai

Visiting Hug Elephants Sanctuary Chiang Mai is an interesting activity. Coming here, you have the opportunity not only to see huge elephants but also to learn about the habits and daily routines of them in the natural habitat.

Hug Elephants Sanctuary is home to many elephant species in Chiang Mai.  This is considered as a natural elephant sanctuary, where elephants live together with the community. Join this tour, you will definitely have great moments.

In addition, playing with elephants is a great way to relax. You will be introduced to the history and daily routines of the elephants before feeding them. The activities with the elephants on the show will be something you will look forward to. You will have fun swimming with elephants or waving and massage when mud bathing. Let’s join us for this exciting experience.
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