Experience Chiang Mai in an interesting way (Part 2)


There is no shortage of joy and delight things to do when visiting Chiang Mai. Being one of the most famous destinations in the North Thailand, the trip in Chiang Mai will leave you unforgettable experiences.

>> Experience Chiang Mai in an interesting way (Part 1)

Art in Paradise Museum Chiang Mai

Another destination that you should not miss when traveling to Chiang Mai is Art in Paradise Museum  – a real 3D world where visitors can take unique photos and enjoy a wonderful time with friends and family.

The virtual 3D pictures

Once setting foot in the museum, you will be overwhelmed by the magic of 3D pictures.  Just looking at a certain angle, a three-dimensional opens space in front of the eyes, maybe on a wall or simply a flat background. Although it is only a painting, the sight is deceived and sometimes you still jerk because of a verge in the middle of the path or enjoy a panda is about to climb out of the picture. The more you see, the more you can not stop admiring the care, feats and talents of the authors who have blown soul into these wonderful three-dimensional paintings.

Coming to Art in Paradise Chiang Mai, all people at any ages will be excited. You can take many unique pictures in the museum to hold as the memories.

Visit Doi Suthep Temple

Thailand is known as the Golden temple land. Doi Suthep Chiang Mai is one of the most famous and sacred temples in Thailand. People say that “ If you don’t visit Doi Suthep, it means you haven’t been to Chiang Mai yet”.

You will be interested in the featured Buddhism architecture here while immersing in the sound of hundreds of bells ringing in the wind. Moreover, Doi Suthep temple is an ideal place to see the beautiful panoramic view of Chiang Mai. Enjoy the feeling watching bustling activities of the city from above. If you want a place to find the peace in mind, pray for life or escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Doi Suthep is the ideal place for you.

Art in Paradise Museum Chiang Mai (via cynthiaord)

Explore Chiang Mai by cycling

Start the journey by cycling through the jungle in the early morning and crossing Mae Taeng River by small boat. With this experience, you can challenge yourself.

What you can expect

Cycle in the jungle and explore Mae Taeng River

Take a relaxing bike and ride through the unspoiled landscapes of Mae Taeng. Crossing the trails with the surrounding greenery, the 18-kilometre bike ride is completed and you will admire the beauty of the Mae Taeng River as you pass through the plantations and local villages.

Rafts cross the waterfall on the Mae Taeng River

After biking to the place, you will stop by the magnificent Mae Taeng River for a traditional Thai lunch. Then you continue with the challenge of rafting over the falls, feel the rush as soon as you paddle with fast speed at level 3 and level 4. As you go to the more quiet waters, feel the beauty of nature surrounds and relaxes before returning to the hotel.

Araksa Tea Plantation Chiang Mai

See the lush Araksa Chiang Mai Tea Plantation and learn about the tea process from the beginning. Practice picking tea right after learning this skill from local tea growers. Learn how to process traditional tea leaves, then enjoy a delicious cup of tea with Thai snacks.

Araksa Tea Palntation (via travelweeklyasia)

What you can expect

Visit Araksa Tea Plantation Chiang Mai

Located in Mae Tang District Chiang Mai on a lush hill, Araksa Tea Garden specializes in producing high-quality Assam Tea, a black tea named after the name of India’s largest tea growing region. Enjoy the beauty of the lush tea garden and learn about the tea process from the beginning. Then you can practice as soon as you learn to pick tea leaves from the local tea growers. You can also see how the tea leaves are made in the traditional way, enjoying a cup of hot tea and traditional Thai snacks delicious.

Learn about the process and growing tea method

As soon as you get to Araksa Tea Plantation Chiang Mai, you will be welcomed by staffs who will guide you through the various procedures and methods for growing tea. Then, you will be taken to the tea dust, where the guide tells you how to pick tea leaves. You will be provided with bamboo poles for the duration of the tea leaf harvest.

See how to make tea and enjoy hot tea and Thai snacks

At the tea plantation, staff of tea plantations will show you the art of hand-made tea, from the mixing stage to the tea-drying stage. After the tea is finished, it is time to enjoy a delicious cup of tea with Thai snacks.


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