How to get toThailand


Thailand is the most attractive tourist attraction in Southeast Asia. Every year, this country receives millions of visitors. There are a lot of ways to travel from Vietnam to Thailand. These are guides to make your travelling to Thailand easier.

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From Vietnam to Phnompenh

It takes about five hours to travel from Vietnam to Phnompenh and the cost is about 12$. The train departs from Le Hong Phong road. After 2 hours, it arrives at Moc Bai gate then travels about 3 hours to get to Phnompenh. Most of the gates check in or check out from 6 am to 6 pm, so you should arrange the time to avoid renting the hotel. The best time to depart is about 2 pm.

You will arrive in Phnom Penh at 7 pm. The first thing you have to do is to take the tuk-tuk to the place to buy the ticket for next route. You should bargain before getting on the tuk-tuk. Most of Cambodian don’t speak well but they can speak Vietnamese. You can travel the train of Virak Bunthan Express because they offer night trip with the cost about 22$.

–    In Cambodia, they accept about USD and VND. If you pay by VND, they will charge 1$ as 25 thousand dongs, so you should prepare some dollars to buy the ticket.

–    If you travel at night, they will arrange you the lying seat. The bus in Cambodia is the two-floor bus. The first floor can accommodate both people and luggage.

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–    Because you’re a backpacker and bring money along, you should pay attention to other people around avoiding being stolen.

–    The second trip will take about 9 hours. The next destination is Poipet gate, the border of Thailand and Cambodia. You will arrive here at about 7 am.

From Phnom Penh to Bangkok

After buying the ticket, you should take some time to have dinner. The food court in Cambodia is quite cheap and it also has a western street. The open-air market next to the train station is also a good choice.

Arriving in Poipet around 7 am, the staff will welcome you and give you a card. The train will wait for you to check out and take you on the train to Bangkok. There are lot of decoys to help you go through the custom easily. They will staple your money in your passport and give custom staff to imprint and you don’t have to queue.

Passing Cambodia, you will find an arrival card to fill your information to go to Thailand. The most difficult thing about this part is that you have to prove you have at least 700$. After checking out, the train will pick you up and travel to Bangkok. The minivan from Poipet to Bangkok takes about 5 hours and you will be in Bangkok at 12 am.

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Traveling by airplane

This way is much easier than travelling by train but it is expensive. You can book the ticket through websites. The passengers often choose Air Asia when travelling to Thailand.

The important thing when you buy the cheap ticket is that you have to fill your name accurately because you can’t change your information on the ticket. In case your name is written wrong, you should solve directly to the airline, not the agency. However, if you send email or phone to the airline department, they will help you enthusiastically. They will change your ticket without an extra fee.

Two main airports in Thailand are Don Muang airport and Suvarnabhumi airport. Don Muang is the domestic airport and the Air Asia airline will depart from here. Suvarnabhumi is the international airport. You can travel by Airport Rail Link (SARL City Line) from Suvarnabhumi to Bangkok centre. Vietjetair airline will land at this airport.

Whether you choose any way to get to Thailand, it will be an unforgettable experience because this country offers plenty of things to explore, from the breathtaking sightseeings to the amazing cuisine. Anyway, Thailand is always the destination that is worth a visit.
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