Guides when travelling to Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. With beautiful islands, long white beaches and the busy night life, it’s an ideal place to spend your holiday. Below are the guides for you when traveling there.

The travel cost

The accommodation cost

The accommodation cost ranges from 400 bahts to 900 bahts per night ( the twin bed, air-condition, fridge and water heater).

The dining cost
–    Street food: quite cheap, about 30 bahts to 50 bahts.
–    Dining at a restaurant: about 500 – 600 bahts for a full meal for two.

Travel cost

–    Motorbike taxi: about 30-40 bahts for a trip
–    It’s about 200 bahts per day if you rent one.

How to get there

You can travel there by taxi or bus. Although there is U Tapao Rayong Pattaya international airport here, it has only two routes to Ko Samui and Phuket.

Departure from Suvarnabhumi airport


It takes about 90-120 minutes to get there, depending on the weather and traffic condition. The cost is about 1500 bahts.
Normally, you should agree on the price before you get in the taxi. To save money, you can take the metered taxi outside the airport ( you can save 50 bahts).

Meter-taxi in Pattaya (via commonwikimedia)

Departure from Don Muang Airport


Like in Suvarnabhumi airport, you have to pay 50 bahts for airport taxi service, 60 bahts for highway fee and the cost of the metered machine. The total amount you have to pay about 1700-200- bahts.


From the airport, you walk outside the road and take the bus number 29 or take a taxi to Mochit station (the nearest station to the airport) then buy the ticket to get to Pattaya. The ticket price is 150 bahts (the blue bus). It takes about 1 hour and a half to get there.


You can take the train from Don Muang station to Bangkok Hualamphong station. From here, take another train to get to Pattaya. The ticket price of each route is 200 bahts and 400 bahts alternatively.

Saving tips


– The meter machine at the taxi in Pattaya is rarely worked (both metered taxi and private taxi (the yellow and green ones)). You should agree on the price before you get in the taxi. The average price is about 150 bahts (even you only travel one kilometer).

– The drivers English is not good, so you should write the name of the destination that you want to visit in Thai.


This vehicle is quite popular in the city that doesn’t have tuk-tuk like Pattaya. You can easily take one along the South, Central, and North Pattaya Road.

– Get to Jomtien: take songthaew at Pratamnak road, the cost is about 10 bahts.

– Get to Naklua: take the songthaew from Second Road to Dolphin (10 bahts). If the songthaew turns left or right at the roundabout (do not keep going straight to Naklua), get off immediately and walk straight through the roundabout to catch another one (10 THB).

Hotel in Pattaya (via


The regular route: Pattaya floating market – Chaiyapreuk- Jomtien Beach Road – Thappraya –Pattaya Second Road – Dolphin roundabout – Nothern Bus station – The city hall – Pattaya Beach Road – The Walking Street – Thapparaya – Pattaya floating market. The ticket price is about 30 bahts.


Like in Vietnam, motor-taxi is a convenient vehicle. Travelling by motor-taxi is cheaper than traveling by songthaew but less safe. You can take the motor-taxi at almost everywhere in the city. The drivers often wear the red/orange coats. When the tourist passes by, they will clap or wave their hands to catch the attention. The price is about 30-40 bahts.

What to eat in Pattaya

Travelling to Pattaya, you should not miss these popular dishes: Som Tam, Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Gaeng Daeng and Gaeng Koew, Tom Kha Kai, Khao Niew Ma Muang, Khanom Krok.

Regarding to dining in Pattaya, you have a wide variety choices from budget to luxury. The easiest and most honest way to know about one country’s cuisine is to try the street food. Besides the traditional Thai food, you can try dishes of other countries.

Save accommodation cost

In Pattaya, there are so many budget hotels with the price ranging from 400-900  bahts per night (twin bed, air-condition, fridge and water heater). Some areas that have cheap inns are Soi Buakhao, Soi LK Metro, Soi Honey Inn.

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