Guides to explore Dream World Bangkok (part 3)


Like its name, Dream World Bangkok is an ideal place to spend your day off with your family and friends. We continue to guide you what to do in this land to make your visit unforgettable.

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Adventure Land

Grand Canyon

The scene of this game is an alley with two cliff sides. You will discover this place by swirling the water. Initially, the boat will float very slowly, then gradually water line you will fall cascades, rapids, revolve round and then swing. Also, some “traps” on both sides are also willing to splash water, spray rain and even straight down you.

Sky Coaster (Hanging coaster)

It’s the big red train line that you see on the pictures of the Dream World. Actually, this is not really “roller coaster”. Because the system consists of only one seat and a seat belt, your legs will be squeezed in the air by the cranks. If you are not afraid of falling and height, this game will be the most enjoyable minutes when you are free surfing.

Viking Ship

Viking is quite similar to Hurricane. You will sit on a boat and swing horizontally. It’s just like the pendulum clock, only faster about 100 – 1000 times.

Dream World (via


It’s exactly like a tornado. You will get either the most exciting feeling or the most terrible feeling. Why? Because this “merry-go-round” will give you roll and turn upside down that you cannot imagine. If you love to push your tolerance limits to the maximum, this is definitely the most fun activity. And if you go to Dream World and have the courage to try it, we only recommend that you absolutely do not play Tornado after eating!

Other activities

Water Tricycle: To reach this place from the Love Garden, you turn right at Paradise Lake.
Racing cars: The electric car follows a small arc, suitable for 5-10-year-old children.
The Spider:  The spider merry-go-round, suitable for children under 10 years old.
Play Port: The indoor game with slide and colorful balls.
Antique Car: antique cars run slowly under the Sky Coaster. It’s suitable for both adults and children.
Monorail: A miniature version of the BTS system to walk around the park.
Alien: next to the 4D theater, give you the opportunity to meet the Alien surprisingly.
Indian Boat: The plastic dock for children row themselves
Flying Carpet: another version of Hurricane with Persian background, where your seat shakes and turns as if you are surfing on a flying carpet.
Crazy Bus: You can fly up and down. This game is easier than Hurricane and Viking.

Shows in Dream World

Hollywood’s Action Show

– Time: 14:30 at weekdays and  2:30 p.m, 4: 30 p.m  at weekend.
– Location: Number 30 on the map, near the big red slide of Sky Coaster. From the second lake, go straight to Snow Town, next to is the Flying Carpet and Hollywood’s action show.
– Lasting time: 25 minutes.

Hollywood’s action show is quite similar to Spy War in Safari. This show is the most spectacular investment in the Dream World with tanks, aircraft and military equipment such as missiles, guns, ammunition, bombs. It is also worth watching, especially for those who love action movies gunfight of Hollywood.

Snow Town (via

Animal show

– Time: 12:00 and 2 p.m at weekdays and 12:00, 2 p.m and 3.15 p.m at weekend.
– Location: in Uncle Tom’s farm (number 18 on the map). It’s next to the Hurricane.
– The ticket price: 60 baht
– Lasting time: 20 minutes

This show is suitable for kids with some animals such as goats, monkeys, and elephants.

The color of the world parade

This show only occurs in big lakes at the weekend which has actors and actresses in figure and princes’ costume.

Dine in Dream World

Normally, visitors buy the buffet ticket. The food stations and food pavilions are also full of food. If you’re bored with Thai food, you can choose the fast food like KFC near the Snow Town.

Some notes when visiting Dream World Bangkok

–    Bring hat and umbrella and a bottle of water because the weather in Bangkok is very hot.
–    Some adventurous games such as Sky Coaster, Tornado, and Viking require at least the height of 140 centimeters.

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