Guides to explore Dream World Bangkok (part 2)


Dream World Bangkok is a great destination to relax, especially when travelling with kids. This place offers many interesting things to see and do that make your trip more memorable.

>> Guides to explore Dream World Bangkok (part 1)

Dream World Plaza

It’s located just inside the entrance. It is a chain of shops for you to buy souvenirs. There are also beautiful statues for taking pictures.

Dream Garden

It’s a great place for kids from 4-12 years old, families and couples. The games in this area include:

Speedy Mouse Coaster: The roller coaster is pretty cute, but the glider is not very big, just enough up and down a few rounds. A trip is about 5 minutes. If you like to ride a roller coaster that is not too fast, you can choose this one ( the 8 – 10-year-old children still play this).
Water Tricycle
Racing Cars
7 Wonders of the World: Simulating 7 wonders of the world with miniature models, actually there are also other famous works. We see the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum Coliseum, the pyramid, Angkor Wat, … All are the “true copy” but only small size shrink.
Love Gardens: Located between the fountain area and the big lake, the “love garden” looks like the love valley in Dalat, Vietnam. You can take pictures with trimmed elaborately plants, flowers, hundreds of other related love such as Cupid and love swings.

Dream Garden (via planetrovers)

Fantasy Land

Fantasy Land is the land of impossible things. The games in this area include:

  •     Cable Car
  •     Dream World Railroad (Sightseeing train)
  •     Fantasy Garden
  •     The Giant House
  •     Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  •     Hurricane the Ride
  •     The Spider
  •     Uncle Tom’s farm
  •     4D Adventure
This area is suitable for families, couples, and groups. You can take the photos in some areas such as The Giant House ( the giant mirror and boots), Sleeping Beauty’s Castle ( Aurora Princess’s Castle), Fantasy Garden and Photopia.

Cable Car/ Dream World Railroad: Ideal places to see the scenic view, for those who love to watch the entire Fantasy Land. It’s pretty slow but worth a try if you have plenty of time (if you go to the tour, you should consider because you only have about 5 – 6 hours to play, but this game is quite time-consuming).

4D Adventure: It’s the place to watch 4D movies with special effects like advertised on your ticket. Almost every ticket you buy is also available for watching the film. Movies about science fiction are also quite interesting. You do not have to worry because even in Thai only, the film still has English subtitles.

Hurricane the ride: It’s the last game of Fantasy Land. It should be in Adventure Land because of its adventurous feeling. At first, it’s just soothing and swinging back and forth, but the scary part of it is that it’s getting faster, the higher it gets (about 20 meters) and it’s turning upside down.

Adventure Land (via

Adventure Land

The land of adventures will bring you the real adventurous feelings from damp, murky, ancient to modern land.

Water Fun: The water park includes swimming pool, fountain and colorful slide. It is ideal for families and kids. Each turn will take about one hour. This place is very crowded, especially at weekend. You should buy the ticket that you can play in this area to save time to queue.

Snow Town: In a hot city like Bangkok, it’s very great to accommodate a snow town. We are so excited to come there although we have to wait for 20 minutes to buy the ticket. When entering there, you are given a coat and boots to walk on snow. You can touch in the snow, visit mammoths and slide on snow. It’s very fun and suitable for both adults and children and for those who have never seen snow before.

Super Splash: This game is similar to the sliding gut in a water park. You will also sit on a pulley boat pushed up as high roller speed, but then you will “jump” straight down the slope and landing in the water. The climax of this game is when the boat touches the water as a white foam. In our opinion, this game is quite interesting but the slide is slightly short, if you like adventure on the water, you can play Grand Canyon.

(to be continued)

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