Explore Bangkok by boat

Travelling by boat is a great way to explore the Chao Phraya River with many ancient temples and historical sites. You can choose wide range types of boat. To make your trip in Bangkok more interesting, let’s try these boats. With the reasonable price and the great services with the tour guide, traveling by boat is a wonderful experience in Bangkok.

To experience this, you come to the Sathorn station opposite to the Skytrain BTS Saphan Taksin station.

Speed taxi boats

They are divided into five types:
–    The local boat ( with no flags)
–    The blue flag boat
–    The orange flag boat
–    The yellow flag boat
–    The green flag boat

The local boat

–    Stop at every boat stop
–    Operate from 9 am to 6.30 pm, from Monday to Friday
–    The price: 10-20 baht

The boats don’t have flags and stop at every station from Wat Rajsingkorn (S1) in the South to Nonthaburi (N30) in the north. They run every 20 minutes and only operate on weekdays. You can buy the ticket at the ticket counter or pay to the boat staff.

The blue boat

–    Stop at any time and anywhere
–    Operate from 9 am to 7 pm every day
–    The price: 40 baht per route or 100 baths for all the day

They run between Nonthaburi ( in the North Bangkok) and Sathorn Central. The staff in the boat will announce in English when the boat reaches to the stop and ask if the passenger wants to get off. The boat staff will tell the tourists about landscape along the river banks.

The express boat (via thebestofthailand.wordpress)

The orange flag boat

–    Stop at the main station
–    Operate from 5.30 am to 7 pm every day
–    The price: 15 baht
These boats run between Wat Rajsinkorn (S3) and Nonthaburi (N30).

The yellow flag boat

–    The speed boat
–    Operate from 6.15 am to 7 am in the morning, 4.45 pm to 8 pm in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday.
–    The price: 20-29 baht.
These boats only operate in the peak hours and they can carry a large number of passengers. They stop at 10 stations. They serve the workers from the suburb of the North Bangkok.

The green flag boat

–    The speed boat
–    Operate from 6.10 am to 8.10 am in the morning, from 4.50 pm in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.
–    The price: 13-32 baht.

This is the only boat run to the farthest station of the north Bangkok ( Paukert, N33). It stops at 13 out of 33 stations and is the fastest boat to take passenger to Koh Kret in the day.

The long-tail boat

You can rent a long tail boat for your trip exploring Chao Phraya River and Thonburi area. There are a lot of private boats at Sathorn Central although the drivers are at the large fier such as Tha Chang near the Grand Palace and River City Shopping Complex.
There is no certain price for this type of boat, it depends on your route. Some tourists don’t like this boat because of its ambiguous price. If you book your tour in advance, you won’t get any troubles.

The hotel’s boat

The cruise in Bangkok (via asiantrails.travel)

All five-star hotels have their own free boats for tourists to Sathorn Central and vice versa (connected to Skytrain BTS Saphan Taksin). It’s very convenient, so almost tourists choose this way to avoid the traffic jam during peak hours. Even if you don’t stay in these hotels, this service is still free and it’s ideal travel before dinner.

The canal boat

You can find these big and noisy ships at the Saen Saeb Canal separating Bangkok from the ancient town in the north and Ramkamheng in the east. These boats only operate in this canal, so the traffic is not crowded. The price ranges from 9 to 19 baht depending on the route.

In the early morning and the late afternoon, this vehicle is an important transport for the officers from Bangkok center to the suburb in the east.

The cruises

One of the most romantic experiences in Bangkok is enjoying dinner on the cruises. These cruises often the departure from River City Shopping Complex, going through famous sightseeings such as The Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Santa Cruz church. These cruises operate from 7 pm.

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