Trang Island – The sceret paradise in Thailand


With stretching coast in southern Thailand, Trang island has the impressive unspoiled beauty that has still been less-known for visitors. This place owns breathtaking sightseeing which can bring you amazing moments.

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Trang Province is located in south Thailand, between Krabi and Satun.

Trang Island system is a combination of diverse rocky terrains among blue sea, white sandy beaches hugging hills, woods and high-speed boats travelling between uninhabited islands. The beauty of Trang island is suitable for those who want to avoid the rush.

The population in Trang is about 600.000 people, of which the capital has about 60.000 people and an airport. Every day, two famous low-cost airlines in Thailand ( Nok Air and Air Asia) provide from 2 to 3 flights from Bangkok ( Don Muang Airport) to Trang island. From the airport, you can take taxi or bus to get the city centre (about 10 minutes).

The best time to visit Trang island is from April to October. From the city, tourists can take a high-speed boat, ferry or longtail boat to go to small islands such as Ko Ngai, Ko Muk and Ko Kradan. You can also get to Ko Lanta, Ko Phi Phi or Phuket from here.

Ko Ngai

Only about 16 kilometres southwest of Pak Meng beach, protected by Mu Ko Lanta National Park, there is a small island called Ko Ngai (also known as Ko Hai). Developed more than the surrounding islands, but Ko Ngai does not have permanent residents, only tourists and a variety of popular resorts. The island attracts couples and families, but the facilities are still relatively simple.

Koh Ngai (via mayalaybeachresort)

The island has electricity all day and wifi coverage at several points. With the beautiful beach and clear blue water, we can clearly see coral and colourful fish. There are snorkelling classes on the island so you can easily see the world under the ocean. Coco Cottage is home to many holidaymakers, with sea-view lodges and bar – a restaurant specializing in Thai dishes and cuisine. If you travel in the low budget, you can go to the small but no less cramped rooms at Ko Ngai Seafood Bungalows.

Ko Muk

Ko Muk located near Kuantungku is the most visited destination on Trang Island. With so many affordable accommodations, this place attracts a lot of young people. The jungle, rubber trees and white beaches make for beautiful scenery and exciting excursions. Most of the backpackers come to Hat Farang beach in the southwest, while the Hat Sivalai sandbank located in the east of Ko Muk, and the Hat Lodung beach in the west receive fewer tourists.

Besides beaches, Ko Muk is prominent for Tham Morakot.

Tourists can sail along a limestone karst tunnel into semi-submerged caves on the west coast to reach the small, white sand and many surrounding cliffs. You can also take part in day tours, kayaking or longtail rowing in the morning or in the afternoon.

You can stay in luxurious Sivalai resort or Koh Mook Garden resort in Hat Loading.

Ko Kradan

Ko Kradan located in the southwest Ko Muk which is considered to owns the most beautiful sky in Trang. Be a part of Hat Chao Mai national park, Ko Kradan owns stretching coast which attracts a lot of couples and family.

Sea lovers will like this 1.5-kilometer stretch of coastline. If you walk about 400 meters into the island, from the South Pole to Paradise Lost, you will see a forest road leading to more deserted beaches. A 10-minute walk will take you to the snorkelling area outside Hat South. The second winding way leads visitors to Hat Unset, with the rocky scenery at dusk.

Paradise Lost Forest is bungalows, with delicious Thai dishes. Guests can also stay at Reef Resort and palm-fringed Sevensea Resort.

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Ko Sukorn

Visitors who love trails in Thailand will want to come to Ko Sukhorn once- the least well-known destination in Trang. Located about 40 kilometres to the southeast of Ko Kradan, Ko Sukhorn is quite peaceful and fresh. Yellow sand beaches and clear water create a colourful beauty.

The narrow concrete roads that bend about 8 kilometres above the hills are very convenient for you to explore. Most resorts offer bicycle and motorbike rental service which are perfect conditions to roll through the countryside, paddy fields, watermelon gardens, and many other beautiful destinations.

The resorts in the southwest of Sukorn are great places to catch the sunshine when the sun gradually shines behind the island. You can enjoy a swimming pool with great rates at Yataa Resort or choose modern wooden houses or glass walls at Sukorn Cabana.

Ko Libong

Nestled amidst mangrove and rubber forests and golden sand beaches, Trang’s largest island has not many white sand beaches, but it’s easy to access, just 30 minutes by boat from Hat Yao beach in the mainland.

Libong is an island for nature lovers which is famous for its migratory birds and nearly 100 dugongs- rare animals. To see these animals, you can select bird-sea cruise tours that most western resorts offer.

Here, you can choose from the budget accommodation to luxurious rooms at Libong Beach Resort.

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