The most beautiful pagodas in Bangkok


Thailand is home to many beautiful temples. Your trip would be incomplete if you don’t visit temples when travelling to Bangkok.

>> Lam Pang – The ancient city

The most common thing if the temples in Bangkok is that it will be free for local people. Foreign tourists have to buy the entrance ticket to visit temples here. Temples in Thailand have two entrance gates. The one for foreign tourists has signboard in English and tourists are guided to buy tickets.

Wat Traimit temple – The golden buddha temple in Bangkok.

It’s one of the most attractive templesin Bangkok. It’s quite near the MRT station. The entrance fee is 200 bath/person.

The temple has one of the largest and most beautiful golden Buddha statues in the world. This statue is 3 meters high and weighs 5.5 tons. A special feature of this temple in Bangkok is that the instructions are written in three languages: Thai, English, Vietnamese. People often call this temple as the Chinese temple because it is located in China Town area.

Wat Pho – The siting Buddha temple.

To go to Wat Pho, you will walk to the pier near Hua Lamphong. When you go to the boat, people will point you to the wharf to go there.

Wat Pho (via

It is the largest temple in Bangkok with an area of 80,000 meter square. As a royal temple, Wat Pho has many sacred Buddha statues, as well as many unique architectural works. The most famous statue of Buddha here is the one in the position of entering great Nirvana. This statue of Buddha is 46 meters in length, 15 meters in height. It is molded with plaster, covered with brick inside and gold leaf, and on a pedestal also gilded with gold. The eyes and feet of Buddha statues are made of mother-of-pearl wood. The soles of the feet of the Buddha are 3m high and 5m long, on which there are mosaic figures depicting the 108 good figures of Shakyamuni Buddha. The eyes of the Buddha are also mosaics. The walls around and on the ceiling of the Buddha’s sanctuary are also meticulously decorated, in harmony with the Buddha statue, creating a warm and solemn atmosphere. The interior light is moderately regulated, not too bright, making the scene scene fanciful.

The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace was built in 1772. The buildings in this architectural complex are the cultural quintessence, the pride and the faith of all Thai people. The Grand Palace is a magnificent architectural complex, composed of three main areas: Royal Palace, Royal Office and temples. The buildings glitter with amazing light of 24 carat gold leaf in the temple tower. Visitors to the Grand Palace can admire the Thai cultural essence and architecture.

Wat Arun

The temple is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River and is one of the symbol of Bangkok’s tourism with its bold Thai architecture. The temple is built of brick and is covered with Chinese porcelains of various colors. Especially, when standing at the highest balcony of the temple, you can see the panoramic view of Chao Phraya River and Bangkok from Rama I Bridge to the Royal Palace.

Wat Arun (via

The most beautiful sight of Wat Arun is across the river, through the busy Chao Praya River, Wat Arun stands as a treasure trove of land, but the subtle curves from the temple roof . Named the “dawn temple” but the most beautiful view is the shining temple on the river at sunset. Lonelyplanet describes it as “Bangkok’s most romantic scene.”

Wat Saket temple

After traveling by ferry back to the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, I only had time to visit a temple in Bangkok before returning home. And the last destination is Wat Saket. It took me about 40 minutes to walk to this temple instead of spending 70 bath to take a motorbike taxi.

The name Golden Mountain Temple began from the top of the yellow peak with a 58m high golden chedi where the relics are stored.
One common feature of the temples I went on today was the tinkling bells ringing everywhere. According to the Thai custom, they believe that when the wind shakes the bell will bring their wishes into the Buddhist to bless. Therefore, visitors here often shake themselves to pray for their luck.

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