On the second day, we had an amazing trip exploring the legendary Chao Paraya River by boat. We got up early, had a light breakfast then bought the daily ticket with the price of 150 baht.

Bangkok, Thailand is an ideal place to visit in the Southeast Asia. We had an unforgettable trip in Bangkok that we have never experienced before.

Like its name, Dream World Bangkok is an ideal place to spend your day off with your family and friends. We continue to guide you what to do in this land to make your visit unforgettable.

Dream World Bangkok is a great destination to relax, especially when travelling with kids. This place offers many interesting things to see and do that make your trip more memorable.

The Dream World is one of the most attractive destinations in Bangkok that you should not miss when travelling to this city.

Chiang Rai is a land of ancient values because this land was the center of the glittering Lanna dynasty hundreds of years ago. Today, although it is not as famous as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai is still an ancient and colorful space of Thailand with activities to explore the cultural quintessence and interesting the trip to discover the green forest.

In Thailand, one of the most common connections is from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Two destinations are very famous to tourists travelling to Thailand. There are many ways to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and travelling by train is one suitable way that are chosen by most tourists.

Located about 40 km from central Bangkok, this park boasts a myriad of rare animals from many continents around the world, as well as exciting daily shows. It is not difficult to understand why Safari World is always the favorite destination of not only locals but many foreign visitors. Enjoying nature, relaxing and sharing the moment with your family, Safari World is an unforgettable place to explore Thailand.

Not far from Bangkok, Hua Hin is the ideal place for a relaxing retreat after a long day of tiredness. This land possesses beautiful beaches, water sports activities, bars, along with historical sites, golf courses, shopping and much more. All are waiting for those who love to explore and want to relax in the tropical atmosphere.

Phuket, about 674 kilometers from Bangkok, is one of Thailand's three major tourist attractions. This is the ideal tourist destination for you to find a getaway and relax after stressful working days.


Thailand is a Buddhist country with numerous festivals held in a year. Coming here, you should not miss taking part in cultural events such as the lantern festival or monkey buffet festival. There are a lot of traditional festivals held in the last half year.

Christmas is a big festival which is familiar with all countries over the world. Many people plan their holiday at Christmas. Tourist destinations prepare and open to receive visitors on this occasion. Let’s drop by Thailand to explore Christmas occasion in this country.

Tet Holiday (Song Kran festival) is the biggest festival in Thailand. Taking part in this festival and splashing water activity with the locals will be unforgettable experiences that you should try once. These are useful information about Tet holiday in Thailand.

Erawan National Park
Founded in 1975 as Thailands 12th National Park, it is covering an area of km². Located on West Thailand in the Tenasserim Hills of...