The gateway in Safari World Bangkok is the huge park and zoo area. It’s home to hundreds of animal species from all over the world in a natural environment

Going around Chinatown on tuk-tuk or spending all the night at Sukhumvit area may bring you exciting experiences. However, Bangkok still has many fascinating activities that you can miss. Below are the most adventurous activities that you should try in Bangkok.

Known as one of the most impressive destinations in Thailand, Chiang Mai attracts a lot of tourists every year. Coming here, visitors have the opportunity to see and explore many interesting things that will be unforgettable experiences.

Chiang Mai is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. It is called as "The pink rose of the north". These are our guides to make your trip easier when you get the chance to travel to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai ( Chiengmai or Chiangmai) is the most important cultural city in the north of Thailand. This is the capital of Chiang Mai province, the ancient capital of Lanna Kingdon ( 1296-1768).

Traffic jam is the main problem in Bangkok, so traveling by taxi when coming to Bangkok isn’t a good choice. Travelling by Skytrain and subway can help you save money and time. Below are the guides to use those transports for first-timers in Thailand.

Pattaya is one of the most attractive destinations in Thailand. With beautiful islands, long white beaches and the busy night life, it’s an ideal place to spend your holiday. Below are the guides for you when traveling there.

With the development of the tourism, the transportation here is improved to meet the demand of the tourists. There are so many means of transportation offered here. Besides BTS ( Bangkok Mass Transit System) and MRT ( Mass Rapid Transit), traveling by taxi is the easiest and most convenient way to experience the backpacking in Bangkok. Below are some guides when traveling by taxi in Bangkok.

Just one day on Koh Phi Phi Island, I had a lot of things to do and explore one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. Reaching the Viewpoint to see the panoramic view of the city, taking a tour around neighbor islands and immersing myself in the night party would be unforgettable experiences here.

Travelling by boat is a great way to explore the Chao Phraya River with many ancient temples and historical sites. You can choose wide range types of boat. To make your trip in Bangkok more interesting, let’s try these boats. With the reasonable price and the great services with the tour guide, traveling by boat is a wonderful experience in Bangkok.


Thailand is a Buddhist country with numerous festivals held in a year. Coming here, you should not miss taking part in cultural events such as the lantern festival or monkey buffet festival. There are a lot of traditional festivals held in the last half year.

Christmas is a big festival which is familiar with all countries over the world. Many people plan their holiday at Christmas. Tourist destinations prepare and open to receive visitors on this occasion. Let’s drop by Thailand to explore Christmas occasion in this country.

Tet Holiday (Song Kran festival) is the biggest festival in Thailand. Taking part in this festival and splashing water activity with the locals will be unforgettable experiences that you should try once. These are useful information about Tet holiday in Thailand.

Erawan National Park
Founded in 1975 as Thailands 12th National Park, it is covering an area of km². Located on West Thailand in the Tenasserim Hills of...