Two famous symbols of Thailand Culture and Politics.

Think about Thailand, the image of Thais with colorful dresses and their unique greeting way are very impressive to visitor. One more special thing which you should know: Thailand is a country of Buddha religion and the constitutional monarchy. For visitor, two famous destinations and also being the symbols of Thailand, which you should-go, is Wat Arun-symbol of Buddha religion and Gland Place- symbol of constitutional monarchy.

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1. Gland Place – Symbol of politics

As well as British or Belgium, Thailand also is a rare country over the world remaining the constitutional monarchy. The power of King, the beauty of Queen and the great of Gland Place are the symbol for the monarchy. As the natural way, these things have become Thailand symbols. By power and intelligent of King, Thailand being a unique coutry in South Asia did not become the colony of Western countries in the World War I. For the effort of King, all people of Thailand always respect King, royal family; thus, visiting Gland Place is the big chance for Thais to express their respect to King

Overview of Gland Place
The special of Gland Place
The Gland Place is considered as the rest of Ratanakosin Island, the place of Ayutthaya – one majestic capital of Siam.  The Harem of Place, near the entrance, was used as the government office where the king directly managed his country. Futhermore, The Wat Arun placed on a corner of the Gland Place making the Place become more sacred, because this is the power combination of constitutional monarchy and spirit. In the Harem, only 2 rooms are opened for vistor but it is enough for you to see the luxurious of Place and the dedicated of each jewel on the impressive architecture.

A Hill of Place
The other place which we don’t know is  the place of queen and her dauter. It looks like a small-size city of Place. All the most beautiful of Thailand is here. However, the place is not used for Royal family anymore, but it still is closed to visitor.
Royal Reception halls
At present, the Place is used for holding the important events of Thailand.  For the architecture, it has also remained a traditional throne style before the new style was applied. The visitor is allowed to come to the grand place hall. Furthermore, the Glace is also famous with Duis Hall, which is considered as the best architecture ever with Europe style, and a museum displaying the knowledge of royal family and Buddha Image.

2. Wat Arun

Overview of Wat Arun
Besides known with the beauty of Gland Place, Thailand also is famous as a country of Buddha religion. There are various pagodas (Wat) in Thailand, but only Wat Arun is the symbol of Buddha culture hertige in this country and also becoming a must-come Wat for Buddhists
Wat Arun (full name is Wat Arun Rajwararam) also called as the Temple of Dawn – one of the most attractive place. Wat in Thai meaning for pagoda, and Arun is name of Aruna God in Hinduism, the God from the light of sunrise.
The most outstanding of Wat Arun is the main tower and four around tower. The height of main tower is about 80 m and designed as the Khmer architecture, the symbol of Meru mountain ( a famous image for the central of universe). All of the main tower and four around tower was built from Rama II and completed in Rama III.
The tower is very special with the color from the countless of seashells and porcelain from China. The center of temple is placed with Buddha statue, which was created from Rama II. Around the tower is the statuses which connected to the life of Buddha.

The Hill contains about 100 Buddha statues.

The Hill contains about 100 Buddha statues. As similar as the other pagoda in Thailan, this Wat has a lot of statues of guardian. One of them is Indra God. There is a stair to the terrace where we can have an overview look to Chao Phraya River and the other area around

Although the main tower is designed as Khmer architecture, the China style is still in here. Beside the seashells and porcelain, there are a lot of the images of ancient China soldiers. Even though called as Dawn Wat, the Wat become more majestic in night and also become the most outstanding image in night of Bangkok.
The Gland Place and War Arun is now more and more attracting vistor coming because its beauty and its great. For you, whenever having a chance come to Thailand, let come these place, and you would feel what’s Thailand.
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